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Upload a binary to explore and analyze functions, strings, and data.


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"Surely this is too good to be true. Why would Vector 35 give away a product for free? What's the catch?"

No API access

No built in python console or any other access to the API. Our API is one of our big selling points and we're hoping many users start with the cloud and eventually consider buying a full license.

No plugins

Given the lack of direct API access, it's obvious that third-party plugins are not supported.

Performance Limits

Exact limits are not defined at this time, but will likely be for both binary size as well as function and other internal performance limits.

Limited File Format Support

Only ELF, Mach-O, and PE file formats are supported.

Additionally, we want to be very up-front that the goal of Binary Ninja Cloud is to help generate data we can use to produce better reverse engineering tools. We hope that by analyzing a large set of binaries along with user changes such as types, structures, comments, and other "human intuitions", we can come up with new techniques for binary analysis that we can build into future products and we are looking for other organizations to partner with who might want to license the data.